When the Customer Support Agent or your Customer Success Manager isn’t able to provide a solution to your question without accessing your account, then yes, it is possible that they do so. Keep in mind that this will only happen for a valid reason, we’ll always inform you about this action and that we take some additional security measures. Read all about it in this article.



Accessing your account is a secure way to troubleshoot your problem and help you as a customer with your Teamleader Focus setup. Solving your request quickly and efficiently is of the utmost importance to us in order to provide you the best experience. 

Synchronous support (e.g. by screen sharing) is always an option, but then it might take us more time to resolve your request.


We use ‘impersonation’: this means that we log into your account as your user.  
You can continue to use your account while the Teamleader Focus employee is impersonating your user.

The Teamleader Focus employee...

  • documents a valid reason and adds a link to the communication with the customer when impersonating an account for the audit logs.

  • always opens the impersonated account in an incognito window so no data is saved in his/her browser.

  • only impersonates an account if this benefits the service and customer experience.

  • asks for explicit written consent if he or she needs to test or modify something in the account.

  • signs out of the impersonated account when his/her research is finished.

  • afterwards informs you as a customer that he/she impersonated your account.

Security measures

  • Only members from the Teamleader Focus Customer Success team, who have a secured account (MFA enabled), who completed all onboarding trainings and are following the above  guidelines, can impersonate an account
  • Every time a Teamleader Focus employee impersonates an account, the name of the employee, the timing and the reason is tracked and saved in audit logs for 90 days.

  • These audit logs are being reviewed on a regular basis by the head of Customer Support and head of Customer Success to avoid abuse.

  • The impersonated login sessions are automatically closed after one hour.