We will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) as a browser for Teamleader Focus from 01/09/2020. If you are currently using IE 11, you’ll need to switch to another browser in order to access your Teamleader Focus account. If you are required to use a Microsoft product, we recommend switching to Microsoft Edge.

In this article, you’ll read more about why we made this decision, what this means for you as a Teamleader Focus user and what you’ll need to do.


While Internet Explorer once was the most popular web browser, it hasn’t been for a while now. Here are the main reasons why we’re ending support for IE 11:

  • Microsoft Edge replaced IE 11 as the default browser on Windows in 2015. Since then Internet Explorer has not received major updates, making it considerably more vulnerable to security threats compared to other browsers we support.

  • IE 11 has a big technical gap with other browsers and supports far less modern-day web browser functionalities. This prevents us from building you the best Teamleader Focus experience possible.

  • Avoiding and fixing issues for IE 11 is very time-consuming as they only occur in this specific browser. Building you the best Teamleader Focus experience possible goes terribly slow if you have to take IE 11 into account.

  • Only a small percentage (less than 3%) of web traffic uses Internet Explorer. We see an even lower usage (less than 2%) with Teamleader Focus users that decreases month over month.

By no longer supporting IE 11 we can ensure everyone operates in a safe and working Teamleader Focus environment while enabling our engineers to introduce the latest functionalities without a hassle.

What will happen?

On September 1, 2020, Teamleader will no longer be accessible via IE 11. Since we’ll no longer fix issues for this browser or make new features compatible with it, we’ll introduce a blocking screen. You’ll need to switch to a different browser in order to access your Teamleader Focus account.

What do I do?

We recommend switching to one of our supported browsers as soon as possible, so your transition can go smoothly. We recommend the following browsers: