When you use subscriptions in Teamleader Focus you might wonder after a while how many active subscriptions you still have, what the yearly amount of your subscriptions is or what your future income might be. Find out all about it here!

When navigating to Invoices > Subscriptions you'll find the 'Mini-stats' button in the bottom-right corner in Teamleader Focus. Clicking on it displays the following overview:

  • Subscriptions
    • The total subscriptions shown in the mini-stats is the amount of active subscriptions that have a startdate earlier than tonight (midnight). Your inactive subscriptions won't be included.
    • Subscriptions with a start date in the future are not taken into account. 
    • It is thus normal that you have more subscriptions in your list than the number shown in the mini-stats.
  • Yearly
    • The yearly amount of the subscriptions is the sum of all the active subscriptions
    • = (amount of months the subscription is active / how often the subscription is renewed) x subscription price excluding VAT.
    • Keep in mind that the definition of 'yearly' means the exact yearly time period here, and not the calendar year (from 01/01/xxxx to 31/12/xxxx).
  • Turnover last year:    
    • Number in blue =  amount of invoices made by subscriptions last year
    • The sum of all invoices generated from subscriptions last year, excluding VAT
  • Next month
    • Number in blue = amount of subscriptions that will be renewed next month
    • The sum of all invoices that will be generated from subscriptions, excluding VAT

Next to Statistics, you can find the following icon: 
Clicking on it will present you with some graphs containing the following info:

  • Evolution yearly subscription turnover
    • A comparison with the turnover of the previous month will be made and be shown in a graph.
  • Future income: similar to the calculation in the 'Next month' part (cf. above):
    • Based on the renewal period of your subscriptions, a monthly estimate of what you can expect will be calculated here. 
  • Do keep in mind these are Estimates!

If you want to see some exact overviews and calculations of a previous period or previous years that are not shown in these graphs we advise you to work with an Excel export of your subscriptions to calculate this data.