This article shows you which actions have an impact on the ‘latest activity’ of your deal.

This date changes when:

  • the deal phase changes

  • a meeting linked to the deal is set to done

  • a task linked to the deal is set to done

  • a call linked to the deal is set to done

  • a note linked to the deal is added

  • an order confirmation, a delivery note or an order is added to the deal

  • an email is tracked to the deal via an email tracking integration

  • another user is tagged in a note relating to the deal

  • the currency of (one of) the quotation(s) linked to the deal is changed

  • feedback via CloudSign is given on a quotation

In summary it's pretty much every single thing that is added to the tracking (manually or automatically) and that is linked to a deal. Note that the same column ‘Latest activity’ exists on company level. It works exactly the same as on deal level, but only for notes that aren't linked to any deal.

Events that are not considered as 'activity' on the deal and thus won’t change the date field are changes to any of the deal properties:

  • source
  • responsible user
  • amount
  • probability
  • closing date, ...

The colour activity of the deal, which you can read more about here, changes to light blue when you plan a task/call/meeting in the future.