As you might know, finished tasks or meetings linked to your project end up as time tracking in that project. It's however also possible to add a work order to your project and register it as time tracking. In this article, you can discover how to invoice that same work order via your project.

Note that if you have our Work order Booster, you'll also need to be on the GROW or FLOW package in order to be able to invoice your work orders, as invoicing isn't available in SMART.

Link the work order directly to the project and invoice it

  1. Create a project and a first phase 
  2. Create a work orderand immediately link it to the right customer, project and phase
    • Add some extra products if needed
  3. Go to the project and click on Time tracked on the work breakdown page. The work order will be registered like this:

  4. Invoice the phase(= invoice the work order)
    • Extra costs like extra products you added to the work order will be added to the invoice as a separate article line. You can see these extra costs when you invoice them.

More info on the project module can be found here.