After you have built an integration with Teamleader Focus and before publishing it, you need to write a tacky copy for your integration to show potential users the real value of your integration.


  • You need to add a description minimum in English and one other language of your choice. 
  • Be aware that the integration will only be visible in the Marketplaces where a copy in the needed language exists. This means that only if you add a description in Spanish, the integration will be visible in the Spanish Marketplace. So, we recommend to add descriptions in more languages in order to broaden your audience!

In this article, you will learn how this description needs to be structured.

  1. Structure of a description/copy
  2. Adding the description
  3. Example structure

Structure of a description

The structure consists of four parts.

Short tagline

Below your name, you should write a very short tagline to show the most important aspect of the integration.

Company description

Here, you can describe what your company actually does. You do not need to write down your company's history here but just a short introductary text, so that potential users know who they are dealing with.

Advantages of the tool

Show what your tool can do. Tell about the tool/program itself, but not yet in combination with Teamleader Focus.

Advantages of the integration with Teamleader Focus

Here the best of both worlds comes together, tell the advantages potential users would have if they were to use the connection between your tool and Teamleader Focus.

Adding the description

  1. Go to our Marketplace and click on "Build".
  2. Click on "Develop your integrations" which brings you to your integrations.
  3. Click on "Manage" next to the integration you would like to add the proper copy to.
  4. There you find something like this:
    1. Add the short tagline in the "Short description".
    2. Add the other three parts in the "Long description".

Example structure

Here you find a sample structure of our integrator Exact Online.