When creating a meeting, you have several options to choose from:

Location of a company/contact

  • Choose the location of a company or a contact. Note that you'll still need to add external contacts separately, but you'll see the related contacts to a company as a suggestion while doing so.
  • If you've enabled the slider in Settings > Calendar > Preferences > Show distances to meetingsTeamleader Focus will block the estimated travel time in your agenda based on your set departure address. When you choose to invoice your meeting, a standard cost per kilometer will be calculated as a separate position on your invoice. You can change the standard price by navigating to Settings > Time Tracking > Preferences > Change cost per kilometer.

Note: The cost per kilometer is only calculated when a special feature is activated in your account. One email to our support team is enough to make this option also available for your account.

Location for a single use

  • You need to fill in an address specific to this meeting.
  • The distance and cost per kilometer is also calculated with this option in case the feature mentioned above is activated.

Virtual meeting

You do not need to fill in an address, the meeting will be held virtually, which means via phone, Skype, etc.

Common locations

  • These are default locations for meetings with customers.
  • You can specify those under Settings > Locations.

You also have the option to book your meeting rooms in Teamleader Focus via Google Resources. Check out our article for more information.