The best way to keep track of your sales opportunities in Teamleader Focus, is to add deals. In this article, you will learn about the different ways to add them. 

  • Via Deals
  • Via the plus sign
  • Via the plus button on the customer's page
  • Web2Leads

1. Via Deals

  1. The first possibility is to simply click on Add deal in the top right-hand corner in the Deals module.
  2. A screen will open in which you can complete the details:

  3. Give your deal a title and select a customer from your Contacts/Companies. It can prove very useful for your statistics afterwards if you also select a source for your deal. This list can be managed under Settings > Deals and Quotations > Preferences
  4. Next, you can add the amount the deal is worth. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet at this stage, you can easily add this information later. 
  5. Select a pipeline for your deal. The pipeline that's auto-suggested will be based on what a user selected in their Kanban board on the deal overview page.
  6. Lastly, you’ll see that you can select an account manager. By default, Teamleader Focus will fill in the user that has added the deal.

2. Via the plus sign

Another possibility to add a deal is to use the plus sign on top of your screen. 

1. Go to Contacts/Companies and open the contact or company you want to add a deal for. Next click on the grey plus sign in right upper corner and select deal

2. In the next screen you’ll see the customer has already been completed.

3. You can now add the rest of the information as explained above.

3. Via the plus button on the customer's page

When you’re looking for an overview of your deals per customer we suggest you navigate to your contact/company page. There you’ll find the following overview:

You can easily add deals for this customer by clicking on the plus icon in the top right-hand corner.

4. Web2Leads

To really step up your game, Teamleader Focus also offers the possibility to add deals automatically via our contact forms functionality, or via our Web2Leads integrations with Formstack, Unbounce, Wufoo or Jotform.

Now that you’ve added your deals, you're ready for the next step. Read this article to know how to manage them and this one for more information on structuring and following up on your deals.


If you accidentally deleted the wrong deal(s), you can still restore them from the recycle bin.