Calling customers is obviously a big part of your daily business. You want to avoid having to create already planned calls again? Teamleader Focus offers you the option to add calls via an import!

Note that your import file (CSV or Excel) should contain certain information and be structured properly. You'll find more information on that in this article.

Once your file is properly structured, simply send it to support along with a written consent. Our support team will then carry out the actual import.

Important note: When importing calls, you can only add new calls, not modify existing ones. Aside from that, the import works in the same way as a CRM import: the columns need to be matched with the right field. The option to undo the import is also available for about two weeks.

Import file

Mandatory columns

  • Name of the customer: This can be a contact or a company. If the customer is not yet known in the system, Teamleader Focus will create a company. If this is the case, Teamleader Focus will notify you during the import.
  • Date: Date and time of the call (recommended format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm).

Optional columns

  • Responsible person: Define the user this callback is assigned to. If this field is left blank, a standard value will be filled in. You can select this during the import.
  • Description: Description of the call.
  • Custom fields: Custom fields on call level can also be filled in during an import, we advise to create the necessary custom fields before you do the import.
  • Contact: You can choose a linked contact of a company but only when the calls are imported on company level.
  • ID to match with contact or company: This can be a custom field of the type single-line text or number.