Possibly, you may have more than one kind of quotation or invoice in use. This depends on the type of services you provide or the additional information you'd like to include. That's why Teamleader Focus allows you to create different layout variations for your documents.

To create an additional variation of a file template, navigate to Settings > Document layout > New variation +

In a next step, you can give this variation a name, to allow for clear distinction between the variations. Note that the standard layout variation is always the first one, and the order of other variations is based on the time of creation. This means that the newest layout variation will always be at the very bottom.

As soon as you have multiple layout variations, you can choose between those variations when creating a quotation, an invoice, etc. By default, the first (original) variation will always be selected.

Note: You can select another layout as default by clicking on Settings > Document layout > Click on the template you'd like to use as default > Set as default template

Want to clean up your layout variations? Then you can archive them. Read all about it here.