In Teamleader Focus, you have the option to convert a deal into a project. To do this, go to your deal page and next to 'Follow up on your deal', click on the plus icon > Project.

When you have multiple quotations in your deal, you'll first need to choose which quotation you want to create a project from. You can only link one project to a deal though.

What will happen if you convert a deal into a project?

The project and the deal will be linked, which means the project will be displayed within the deal and the deal will be displayed within the project.

Don't use one of my project templates

When creating a project out of a deal, you'll have the option to either use one of your predefined project templates or not. If you don't use a template, then:

  • The budget and the title of your quotation are filled in automatically in your newly created project.
  • The subtitles of your quotation are added as phases in the project. This means that, in case you want to convert your deal into a project, the workflow will already start when you create your quotation.


  • If this is your quotation, "Venue" and "Decoration" will be displayed as phases in your newly created project.
  • You can also convert products into tasks. The phase "Venue" will then be added to your project, containing the tasks "Gathering of information" and "Planning and conceptualizing". If you would also like to add the products under subtitles as tasks within the phases, simply contact our support team. We will happily activate this feature for you.

Use one of my project templates

When creating a project out of a deal, you can also choose to use one of your project templates instead of using the quotation as the template of your project. 

  • The title of your quotation is filled in automatically in your newly created project.
  • The budget of your quotation is distributed over your different phases.
  • The content of your quotation will be overwritten by your project template. The following info is taken over from the template:
    • The names of the phases
    • The time frame of the phases. That means that the time in between and corresponding dependencies will be copied. After you've chosen a start date or an end-date, the phases will be created accordingly.
    • Invoice preferences of the phases
    • Tasks (depending on your choice)

Link deal to project afterwards

As stated above, your deal and your project will be linked when you've created a project out of your deal. However, there's a way to link your project to your deal if you first created your project and then your deal: 

  1. Simply navigate to the project
  2. Click on the three dots at the top 
  3. Select Link deal

Note: Mistakes can happen so it might happen that you linked the wrong deal to your project. Follow the next steps to fix this: 

  1. Click on the linked deal to open the deal page.
  2. Go to the plus icon next to 'Follow up on your deal' 
  3. Select Project. A new (dummy) project will be created, which will unlink this deal from the project you already created.
  4. You can then delete the new project and go back to the project that already existed and link the correct deal following the steps mentioned above. Don't worry: nothing changes to your original project.