Are you creating custom fields and have received an error saying "There is a maximum limit of 25 custom fields. Please contact support to increase your limit"?

If so, keep reading to discover what options you have:

  1. Check how many custom fields you still need to create and if all of them are really needed. 
    • Tip 1: You don’t need to create all the custom fields that you already created on company or contact level again on deal level. Create them only if you really need to make segments on deal level.
    • Tip 2: When you have a lot of yes/no fields, try to group them in a multiple selection field.
    • Tip 3: You can convert single selection fields into multiple selection fields.
  2. Once you have a clear idea of what you need, if you still need more than 25 custom fields in your account, you can send an email to support to higher this number.

Note: After the support team has raised this number on your account, there will still be some limits that cannot be raised any higher. These limits are:

  • 50 custom fields for each of these modules: Contacts, Companies, Deals and Projects
  • 25 custom fields for each of the other available modules
  • 10 custom fields of the type "Multiple selection"