A lot of companies prefer to charge their customers in advance. Luckily, Teamleader Focus makes it easy for you. There are three ways to create advance invoices:

  • Manually
  • Via Deals
  • Via the Project module

Case: a customer buys a product or service of € 10.000 VAT excluded. You agree with your customer that he will pay a 50% advance on signing the quotation.


  1. Create an invoice of € 5.000 VAT excluded and send it to your customer.
  2. Now you have two options for your final invoice
  • Create an invoice of € 5.000 VAT excluded without any mention of the advance invoice. You are not obligated to mention the previously made invoice.
  • We invoice the total amount and add a negative line mentioning the advance invoice. The amount needs to be - € 5.000. Teamleader Focus will then subtract this amount from the total amount VAT excluded

Via Deals

  1. Navigate to “Deals and Quotations” and choose a deal
  2. There are now two options: either you create an invoice from the won deal, or you create an invoice from the accepted quotation. It's thus not needed to create a quotation first. 
  3. No matter which option you choose, the process to create an invoice is the same: click on the plus icon next to 'Follow up on your deal' and choose Invoice.
    Note: When you have multiple quotations, you'll first need to choose which quotation you want to create an invoice from.
  4. Choose to create an “Advance invoice” first
  5. Now you get the option to invoice the amount based on a percentage or a fixed amount. In this example we choose for a fixed amount of € 5.000

  6. Click “Save
  7. After finishing our job, we go back to our original deal/quotation and choose to invoice again. In the case of a quotation, Teamleader Focus will automatically show us our quotation items and the previously invoiced amount as well.

Via the Project module

(This feature is available in our Move package or higher)

  1. Navigate to “Projects” and choose a project
  2. Click on the tab Project info in the header
  3. Click on the “+” symbol next to “Invoices”
  4. Choose “Create myself” as “Type”
  5. Click “Go
  6. Add an amount of € 5.000 with the mention of “Advance invoice”
  7. When finally invoicing the total amount based on your phases, you can subtract all of the previously created invoices as well.