How To: Draft invoices in Teamleader Focus

In this article we are going to explain to you how to make a draft invoice in Teamleader Focus.


1. Go to invoices and then click on Add invoice in the upper right corner.


2. Fill in the information of your invoice and then click on Save as draft:

The draft invoice is now created and you can book it when you want it by clicking on Book. To know more about invoices in Teamleader Focus click here.



  • The draft invoice won't have a number. The invoice will receive a number once it has been booked.
  • The draft invoice will not be synced with your bookkeeping tool. The invoice can be synced once it has been booked.
  • To send this draft invoice to your customer before actually booking it and sending it via Teamleader Focus, you can click on Download draft (pdf) on the detail page of your invoice, and send this file manually.

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