FAQ: Which browsers does the Lead capture Booster support?

Desktop browsers

For an optimal experience, we recommend installing the latest version of Chrome or Edge.

The Lead capture Booster supports the following browsers and versions. For screen sharing, co browsing and recording only the host is required to use the supported browsers.

For participants, it's sufficient to join a meeting in a browser that supports Audio & Video sharing. They will be able to view all shared content.

For co browsing, "viewing only" means you can not cobrowse a tab from your browser. You can browse on a tab that another participant is cobrowsing.

To update your browser, please visit the support page for your browser:

  • Chrome (scroll down to "Check for an update and find the current browser version on your computer")

  • Firefox

  • Opera

  • Safari There are multiple issues in the latest version of Safari that impact all video meeting software. We recommend using a different browser for now.
     (20 Nov 2020)

  • Brave    Brave requires you to enable Autoplay

  • Edge     Only the new Edge version is supported, the logo looks like the left one on the image below.

Mobile browsers


To use the Lead capture Booster on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad etc) you need to use the Safari browser in version 14.2 (or lower). iOS 12 or higher is required to use the Lead capture Booster. The same functionality as Safari on desktop applies, except for screen share.

In version 14.3 (or higher) you can use other browsers (Eg. Chrome, Firefox, ..) on your IOS devices.

All other mobile Operating Systems

It's possible to participate in an audio+video meeting and to watch uploaded whiteboards and shared screens. As mobile is view-only, you're not able to upload whiteboards and share screens.

If you have a tablet that works on Android you will have the same functionalities as Android smartphones but can also view recordings that have been made and uploaded in the cloud. 

Microsoft Surface

The only tablet that has the same functionality as a desktop is Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface has the same operating system as desktop computers that use Windows so everything will work as on desktop. You can install the Customer Meetings extension to use co-browsing and recording.

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