FAQ: What can I do with the credits in my Teamleader Focus wallet?


Teamleader Focus credits, Teamleader Focus wallet - what are those? How can I top up my credits and most importantly, what can I actually do with them? Read on to discover the answers to your questions!


Important: every trial account contains € 2 in Teamleader Focus credits for free. This allows you to test the different possibilities offered by the Teamleader Focus wallet. 


Where can I find an overview of my Teamleader Focus credits?


  1. Navigate to your personal menu by clicking your user icon in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Select Manage licence.
  3. Click the 'Wallet' tab.



How can I fill my Teamleader Focus wallet?


There are two different options to top up your credits. Both happen via either SEPA direct debit or credit card.

  • Auto refill

Define a minimum amount of credits to have in your Teamleader Focus wallet. As soon as the amount of credits drops below this point, your wallet will be refilled automatically.

  • Manually buying new credits

You can buy a cash pack starting from €5 up to €1000.




What can I do with my Teamleader Focus credits?


There are multiple ways to spend your Teamleader Focus credits:

  • Trends Top Data

Trends Top is a website offering valuable company information, such as telephone numbers, a contact person, the sector in which they are active, etc. If you have a Trends Top account, you can integrate your Trends Top data with Teamleader Focus. Whenever you add a new company, you can add any data available on that company through Trends Top. This data can be purchased using your Teamleader Focus wallet.



  • As this is a Belgian website, this option is only available for Belgian companies.
  • Enable Trends Top in Settings > Users to be able to buy and ignore data.
  • If you have an account with export rights, i.e. the Marketing or Business formula (see website), you don't need to pay twice for the same data. Just go to your Marketplace and establish the integration between your Teamleader Focus and your Trends Top account.


  • Exporting invoices to your accountancy program

We offer different kinds of integrations with accountancy programs. An entire overview can be found here. In case you would like to make use of one of our 'Export only"'Integrations, you need to fill your Teamleader Focus wallet in order to pay for the export. Just check out this article to get all the information you need.

  • Sending invoices via post

Teamleader Focus allows you to send invoices in three ways: via email, by post or just manually. If you choose to send invoices by post, know that the option to use Teamleader Focus credits depends on the country you live in. At this moment, we only support this option in Belgium and the Netherlands. If you'd like to send a letter within Belgium or the Netherlands, the costs for sending an invoice will be deducted from your Teamleader Focus credits. Check out this article!

  • Sending a meeting reminder via SMS

When you invite someone to a meeting, you also have the option to send a meeting reminder via SMS.


If you tick the box, your contact will receive a text message the day before the meeting as a reminder. The cost of €0,18 will be deducted from your Teamleader Focus wallet.


To see what your credits where spent on, click the 'Transaction history' link.



Note: if you want a refund of your credits you accept that, according to our Terms of Service, TEAMLEADER may charge an administrative fee of €50 for exchanging purchased credits back into their monetary value.

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