FAQ: How can I undo an import of contacts or companies in Teamleader Focus?

If you imported contacts or companies and realize that something went wrong, there are two possibilities to undo the import. Picking the right one all depends on the amount of time that passed since the original import:

1. You go to the overview of contacts or companies respectively, where you see at the bottom on the righthand side “Import”. Click 'Undo import' to undo the import. You have this option for about two weeks after the import if you didn't click on 'OK, dismiss' yet. In general we advise not to click on 'Ok, dismiss' in order to keep the undo option available.

! Important note: if you've only updated already existing contacts/companies via an import, it won't be possible to undo the import. The updates will have been permanently added to the contact/company fields.

2. In case the import dates back longer than two weeks, you still have the option to work with segments in order to delete the imported contacts or companies. Go to the overview of contacts or companies and create a segment as shown below. The date should equal the day you imported your contacts or companies. Once you created the segment, you can delete all contacts or companies within it by clicking on 'Actions' and selecting 'Delete'. These actions requires admin rights. Note that this segment will also include contacts or companies that were manually added on that day, so watch out!


If you accidentally deleted wrong contacts or companies, you can still restore them using these instructions.

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