FAQ: Can I invoice in the past?

You can invoice in the past, but only on the date of your last invoice in the fiscal year or after this date. 

This is due to the automatic numbering system of our invoices.

Example: You booked your last invoice on September 25 and today is October 3. In this case, you can book invoices dating back as far as September 25.

Can I book an invoice in a previous book year?

Interesting piece of information is that you can still book invoices in the former fiscal year even though a new one has already begun. Yet, you need to keep the information just given above in mind.
Example: Your fiscal year is until December 31 and the last invoice was also booked on December 31. You can still book invoices for December 31 even though you booked one already in your new fiscal year, e.g. on January 2.

If you want to create a new invoice, follow these steps to book an invoice in a previous book year:

  1. Create a new invoice
  2. Choose as 'Invoice date' a date from the previous book year
  3. Save and book the invoice.
    ! You can save the invoice as a draft first, of course. Be careful though, if you then want to edit the draft and book it, or book it from the invoice page via "book", the date will change back to the date of today. In that case, you have to edit the date again, and click "Save and book".
  4. The invoice will be booked on the previous book year.

Note: The same applies for credit notes. Select the correct date before saving it. 

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