FAQ: Can I also import the related company when importing contacts into Teamleader Focus?

Yes, when importing contacts, you can also import the company the contact is related to. Therefore, the file you want to import has to contain a column called 'Company'. You can also import information about the company and Teamleader Focus will not only link the company and the contact but it will also create a new company in the CRM.

When you also want to import the type of business of the company, two things are important:

  • Select this column in Teamleader Focus while importing: Company X: Name + Type of business
  • Make sure that in your Excel file the Name of the company and the type of business are next to each other in the same column, don't use separate columns.

Important note when you import new contacts and want to link them to already existing companies in Teamleader Focus:

  • It's not possible to add these based on the Teamleader ID of that company. The exact name of the company as stated in Teamleader Focus should match the name of the company in the designated column of your Excel file.
  • If the names don't correspond double entries will be created.

You can find more information on CRM imports here.

NoteYou can’t import all info from contacts if you import them via the company import and vice versa. In case you want to import extensive info on both sides (contacts and companies), then it's best to first import all your companies. Afterwards you can do a contact import and fill out the column 'related company' to link your companies and contacts. 

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