FAQ: What is the difference between referrals and partners?

Companies or individuals who wish to sell Teamleader Focus can engage in a long-term collaborative partnership through the Partner Program. If you simply want to recommend Teamleader Focus to friends or family, you can use Teamleader Focus' Referral Program.


Teamleader Focus' Referral Program allows you, as a customer, to refer friends or family and earn a reward. To learn how to refer friends or family, read ‘How do I refer a friend or family member?


If you would like to sell Teamleader Focus to other businesses on commission, you can join the Teamleader Focus Partner Program. As a Partner, you commit to delivering at least 4 customers a year and will work closely together with our local Partner Manager.

For more information on the Partner Program requirements, read ‘What is expected of me as a Partner?’.

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