Getting started: Can I build a custom integration with Teamleader Focus?

Our Marketplace provides you with hundreds of applications to integrate in your Teamleader Focus account. But sometimes even that isn’t enough for you. You want more. We give you more with the custom integration of Teamleader Focus.

Are you the tech wizard who is able to create a custom integration? Great! Start right away on the Build Page. There you will find the right documentation concerning our public API. The API was designed to allow read and write access to the most basic objects in Teamleader Focus. This makes it possible to retrieve information from Teamleader Focus and let it interact with your software or integration.

If the integration is only for internal or private use, it's sufficient to fill in the basics and click save changes at the end of the page. You can go ahead and connect to the integration with your oAuth Client ID and secret.

If you want your integration to be public on the Teamleader Focus Marketplace, make sure you've completed all requirements before you submit for review.

If you encounter problems with our API, you can always contact our support but our help-heroes are unfortunately not able to help you write the code. In case you have questions concerning the publication of your integration on our marketplace, please contact

Watch our video for more information:

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