How To: How can I close a project?

When a project is over and done with, you'll want to classify it as such. Not sure how to close a project? You’ve come to the right page. The ways to close a project in Teamleader Focus will be described here. 

Via your project

There are two ways to close a project via your project page.

The first way to close a project is closing it directly from the project page:

  1. Navigate to your project
  2. Click on the three dots next to your project details
  3. Choose Close project


  • Closing a project will also close all phases and mark their tasks as done. Meetings will remain open until manually marked as done.
  • It's also possible to close projects in bulk by navigating to the overview of your projects and creating a segment there. Next, you choose 'Close projects' and the projects you are allowed to close will be closed.

The second way to close a project is by closing all phases of your project:

  • Regardless of any open task that is linked to the project, when the phases linked to a project are marked as done, the project will be marked as ‘done’ as well. 
  • Navigate to the work breakdown page of your project, hover over a phase and choose Close phase: 

  • When every phase in a project is set to ‘Closed’, the project will be considered completed.

Via the cross-projects timeline

You can close a project via your cross-projects timeline by following these steps:

  1. Click on the project
  2. Click on Details
  3. Click on the arrow next to 'Hide on timeline'
  4. Click on Close project 

Via the project planning

(This feature is available in our Boost package)

You can also close a project via the project planning. Note that you can only do this when you have admin access to all projects. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Projects > Planning
  • Look for your project in the list
  • Click on the grey line next to the corresponding project:

  • Next, click on Mark project as completed:
  • This will close all phases and related tasks.

Reopen a project

There are two ways to reopen a project:

  1. Reopen it directly from the project page:
    • Navigate to your project
    • At the top of your project, you'll see a banner stating the project has been closed. Click on Reopen this project.
  2. Reopen the project by opening a phase of the project
    • Navigate to your project
    • Go to the work breakdown of your project
    • Click on the phase you want to reopen and choose Reopen
    • The project will automatically be reopened

Important note: reopening a project won't reopen the linked tasks or the meetings you manually marked as done. You'll need to reopen these manually if needed.

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