Getting started: How do I add an integration to my Teamleader Focus account?

When you go to the Teamleader Marketplace, you can explore over 100 integrations (and counting!) for your business. Here's how you connect an integration:

  1. Browse through the categories on the left hand side of the 'Explore' page to find new and featured apps.
  2. Found something interesting? Just click on the logo to discover more.
  3. If you think an integration is exactly what you're looking for, simply click the ‘Add’ button to link it to your Teamleader Focus account.
  4. Depending on the provider of the integration, you’ll either have to fill in some data on the Marketplace directly, or you’ll be redirected to the website of the provider. We always try to limit the necessary steps as much as possible to make it easier for you! Note: some integrations require an account or an additional setup to be able to continue.
  5. Once you’ve filled in the requested info, the connection between the chosen app and Teamleader Focus will be created. You’re now good to go!

Managing integrations

Of course you’ll need a place to manage your current integrations. There are 2 situations:

Own integrations

On our ‘Manage’ page you can find all of the integrations you have installed that are either built by Teamleader Focus itself or have an oAuth integration with our Marketplace (meaning it can be installed directly from the Marketplace).

You can either change the settings of the integration, or remove Teamleader Focus apps altogether. For third party apps using oAuth, you can check and revoke the necessary permissions or remove the integration completely.

Third party apps

Third party apps that do not use the oAuth flow have to be managed via the portal of the provider.

What rights are needed for setting up an integration?

Some types of integrations require admin rights in Teamleader Focus in order to access them. If you don’t, the following message will appear:

These are the types of integrations that require admin rights:

  • Bookkeeping integrations: Exact Online, Yuki, Octopus and Twinfield
  • Email Marketing: Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Payment: Mollie and Stripe
  • VoIP

Are you charged with any of the above elements in your company and do not yet have admin rights? Check out this article for more information.

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