FAQ: Where can I see a list of all my finished projects?

If you want to get a good overview of all your ongoing and finished projects, you’ve come to the right page. Not sure how to close a project? Find out in this article.

There are three ways to keep track of your finished projects:

Add the column ‘status’ to your projects overview

1. Go to 'Projects" and click the cogwheel in the bottom right corner, and double click or drag ‘status’ to move it to the right window.

2. Clicking ‘status’ will arrange the column according to type: Done, Active or Cancelled.

Create a segment with all finished projects

1. Add a new segment  in the project overview. Click the right box next to the search function and choose 'Create new segment'.

2. Add the rule ‘status’ equals ‘done’, save, and that is that. Now every finished project will automatically be added to this segment.

Filter on Status 'Done' in cross-projects timeline

When navigating to your cross-projects timeline in Teamleader Focus you can filter on the status of the project. Select 'Done' here and only your finished projects will be visible on your timeline.

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