FAQ: How can I apply for a job at Teamleader?

Have you seen an interesting vacancy at Teamleader and want to apply for it?

In our website, under the ‘Jobs’ tab, you will find all our available vacancies, and at the end of each of them you will find the button ‘Apply for this position’.

Fill in all your details and submit your CV…. and there you go! This button might be the start of an exciting journey with Teamleader!


And what happens next?

  1. Our HR team will immediately receive your application and will study it throughout. If they like what they see, the responsible person will call you in the coming days to get to know you better. They will ask you about your hobbies, what interests you and what your ambitions are.
  2. If successful, they will reach you out again to meet you face to face at our local offices or via Skype. This is to get to know your background better and see if there is a fit in regards to the company culture.
  3. Did everything go well? You might expect a second interview. This time they will want to see your functional skills and might ask you to give them a demo about the product or a presentation.
  4. The HR team together with the responsible managers will make a decision and will call you with their final answer. If successful, they will redact a proposal and a contract. Congrats and welcome to the team!

It didn’t go as good as expected? No worries, it can be that they weren’t looking for your profile at the moment, but be sure they will call you again later on if needed.

You can find more information about this process in our website.

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