How To: Integrate calendars with Teamleader Focus

“Organisation is key” could also have been the title of this article, if we wanted to use a cliché. Fortunately, we are relatively no-nonsense, because calendar planning is serious business. All joking aside: Teamleader Focus has three integrations to help connect your existing calendar to the Teamleader Focus agenda. This way, you’ll always stay on top of your meetings and you won't ever forget about a meeting again.

Before you set up the integration, you need to know some general information which applies to all external calendars:

  • These three services ensure that your calendar always synchronises in two directions. This means that both meetings from your personal calendar and those from your Teamleader Focus agenda will be exchanged.
  • Of course we respect your privacy and therefore personal meetings are shown as grey blocks in your Teamleader Focus agenda. Only you can see the contents of those meetings. If you want to make these visible to colleagues as well, you can right click on them and select whether to convert the meeting into a visible task or meeting:

  • We advise using Teamleader Focus as your central calendar: all your work meetings will therefore also be pushed to your personal diary and you will remain completely up-to-date with your day-to-day planning.

The possible integrations are:

1. Google Calendar
2. Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 Calendar
3. iCloud


If you no longer wish to use an integration, for instance when you have switched from iCloud to Google Apps, then you can of course always deactivate it. To do so, go to your user icon in the top right-hand corner > Integrations/Marketplace and click on Settings next to the active calendar integration. At the bottom of the box on the left, you can click Remove integration to stop meetings from being synchronised from now on.

Restricting calendar access 

There's also the possibility to limit access to a user's calendar. Read all about it here.


You can also add and activate the Lead capture Booster in your Teamleader Focus account, allowing you to automate your workflow. With it, you can integrate your calendar as well and let customers schedule meetings directly into your calendar. Read all about it here.

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