How To: Using the Chrome extension for Teamleader Focus email tracking

In case you are using Gmail we have good news for you. Thanks to our special Google Chrome extension you can save all your incoming and outgoing emails directly with the right contact. And there is more.

In this article we’ll see:

  • Installing the extension
  • Incoming email
  • Outgoing email
  • Templates

Installing the extension

  1. Open Google Chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome, please install it first
  2. Start in Teamleader Focus. Navigate to your user icon in the top right-hand corner and click on Integrations/Marketplace
  3. Search for “Gmail” in the search field
  4. Choose Gmail and click Add
  5. The Chrome web store pops up. Click Add to Chrome and Add Extension
  6. In the next screen, click on Connect [SCREENSHOT]
  7. Fill out your Teamleader Focus credentials (primary email address and password) and click on Log in

Incoming email

After the installation, Gmail users will see a bar below every email with some options concerning the email sender.

  • If their details are not recognised by Teamleader Focus, you can add the person to the CRM. [SCREENSHOT]
  • If the person is recognised, you can save the email directly to their contact page. The email will then appear in the 'Activities'.
  • You can also create a follow-up task for yourself or for one of your colleagues straight from the email.
  • Users of the ticketing module (Boost package or Shared inbox Boostereven have the option to turn the email into a support ticket. [SCREENSHOT]

Outgoing email

You have a similar option for outgoing emails.

  • Beneath the window in which you compose the email you have an option to save your message in the receiver’s contact file. [SCREENSHOT]
  • Teamleader Focus doesn’t recognise the receiver? No problem. As soon as you send it you get the option to create a contact for the person and to track the email.
  • Would you prefer not to register the outgoing email? Then you can just uncheck that option for a particular email. 
  • Would you prefer to decide for yourself when you want tracking to be activated for outgoing mail? Then you can deactivate the default tracking of emails. You can do that under the cog above right in the window where you compose your mail. [SCREENSHOT]

    In this same screen, you can also disconnect your Teamleader account.



You can use pre-filled templates from Teamleader Focus. You can create these templates in Teamleader Focus under the file tab Email in Settings. You’ll find the option ‘Templates for regular emails’ there. 


You can also use this Google Chrome extension to add contacts from LinkedIn as contacts in your Teamleader Focus account. Read all about it here.

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