How To: Partial payments in Teamleader Focus

What if, by mistake or completely in agreement, your customer only pays a part of the invoice you’ve sent him? Well, no problem at all, because Teamleader Focus lets you register partial payments perfectly. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to “Invoices
  2. Click on the right invoice from the list
  3. Click on Paid at the bottom of the “Info” widget, or go to the 'Payments' widget and click on +
  4. A screen pops up. If your customer paid in full, enable the slider for “Full payment” and the invoice will be settled. If you only received a part of the due amount, disable the slider.
  5. Give in paid amount and add the payment date (default set on today) and payment method.
  6. Click on Add payment.
  7. Two things will happen:
    • The paid amount appears on the invoice details like this:
    • A note has been added to the activities of the invoice, at the bottom of the page
  8. When you return to your invoices overview, you can add two columns to the overview (via the cogwheel in the bottom right-hand corner) that give you more information on the partial payments of your invoices:
    • The Status of your invoice will display 'Partially paid' in the case of a partially paid invoice.
    • Amount due (incl. VAT)this column displays which amount of the invoice remains unpaid. You can for example create a segment with the rule 'Amount due is larger than 0' to sort the invoices for which you still expect payment.
      Example: this invoice of €1000 (excl. 21% VAT) was partially paid for €500 (excl. VAT). This means that the amount due is €710 (incl. VAT).

Good to know:

  • If your customer fails to deliver the full payment before the invoice due date, you can send a reminder manually or automatically. In both cases, the already paid amount will be deducted from the original invoice. The previously paid amount will also be visible on the invoice copy
  • Partial payments can happen multiple times for the same invoice until the complete amount has been paid. If you click the “Paid” button again after a partial payment has been made, you can fill in the remaining amount that is still due
  • If you've entered a payment incorrectly, or if you happened to set the wrong invoice to partially paid, you can undo a payment by navigating to the 'Payments' widget on the detail page of your invoice. Click on the pencil next to the payment and click on Delete:

Want to know more about entering payments in Teamleader Focus? Or interested in learning about the different ways of marking invoices as paid? Read more about it in this article.

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