How To: Translating product names in Teamleader Focus

When setting up Teamleader Focus, you get the opportunity to insert the different translations of a certain product. We offer a simple way to add these translations to items:

Create a new custom field

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and click on “Custom fields
  2. Click on the “+” symbol next to “Custom fields”
  3. Type “Name LANGUAGE CODE” in the field next to “Name” (this should be typed literally, check the screenshot below to see what it should look like). Make sure to fill in the two letter language code correctly
  4. Choose “Single line text” as a type and select “Product” next to “For”
  5. Click on “Advanced options” and make a “Group” called “Translation” by clicking on “Other

6. Click on “Save

7. Repeat this action for the various languages

Fill in your fields

  1. Navigate to “Products
  2. Click on the “+” symbol next to “Products”
  3. Complete the form with all the necessary data
  4. Add the translation in the field next to “Name LANGUAGE CODE”. E.g. “Name FR” or "Name NL"
  5. Click on “Save

Read the following article if you also want to translate your product descriptions.

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