How To: Deactivating a user in Teamleader Focus

If your company is growing, it is also inevitable that after a certain time there is some kind of turnover. While we do not welcome it, an employee may decide to open up new horizons or you may decide to end the collaboration.

Follow the next steps to deactivate an employee:

  1. Navigate to Settings” and click Users
  2. You can find a list of all your employees who have access to your company's Teamleader Focus.
  3. Click on the dots next to the employee's name you want to deactivate and select Deactivate
  4. The pop-up screen asks you what you want to do with all the outstanding tasks, deals, calls etc. of this employee:
  • You can opt to have each item transferred to one of your current employees. Then, for example, they are assigned all the outstanding tasks or calls.
  • If you opt to do nothing, then all outstanding items are either saved under the name of the employee whom you wish to deactivate, or they'll be on 'None' until you decide to do something with them later. 
  • Note that if you don't transfer the data right now, you can always do this later by navigating to your list of deactivated users, clicking on the three dots next to the user and choosing Transfer data.
  • It's not possible to transfer meetings: the owner of the meeting will remain the deactivated user. You can sort on these meetings by navigating to Meetings and selecting 'Inactive users'.

5. Click on “Deactivate” and the account of this employee is cancelled. Now he can no longer log in and he will also no longer be visible in the selection menus within Teamleader Focus. The account of the deactivated person remains visible under “Deactivated” in case you want to reactivate it later.

6. Deactivating users in your Teamleader Focus account does not automatically lower the number of user licences in your account. You'll need to lower the number of user slots. According to our Terms of Service you need to lower your plan at least 15 days before your renewal date. You can find your renewal date at the right of your Teamleader Focus license page. From your renewal date onwards, you will no longer be charged for these users.

Note: For security reasons administrator accounts may only be deleted after their admin rights have been removed. In this article we explain to you how to remove admin rights

Read this article to discover how to permanently delete a user from your account. 

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