As Teamleader Focus allows you to create different layout variations for your documents, you might want to clean up your variations from time to time. This is where the ability to archive layout variations comes in handy. Read all about it here!

Archiving a variation

  • Go to Settings > Document layout
  • Next to the layout variation you want to archive, click on the archive icon:

Good to know

  • When selecting the action to archive, a warning will be shown that this action cannot be undone. So restoring or ‘unarchiving’ a layout variation afterwards isn’t possible.

  • Permanently deleting a layout variation is not possible. The variation still exists in the background, it just won’t be visible in your document layout settings or in any of the dropdown menus when selecting templates. If the variation is still used somewhere though (e.g. on a quotation or an invoice), you’ll still see it in the list:

    Archiving a variation won’t affect your documents, as the variation will still be used for those documents.

  • Any document layout variation can be archived except the first one that was created together with the creation of your account.
  • It is possible that the default templates for different types of documents are located in different variations.

    The default document template within a variation will be indicated with a label ‘Default’. If you try to archive a variation that contains a default template, you will get a warning to change the default template for that document before archiving the variation. In other words; you can't delete a variation if there’s a default label anywhere in there.