This article describes functionality of our new project module. This module is being rolled out gradually in the upcoming months, so it is possible you do not have access to the features described here yet. If that is the case, you can still find documentation on the previous project module here.

In Teamleader Focus, you have the option to convert a deal or a quotation into an existing or a new project. Read this article to discover how.

Converting to a project

You can either convert a quotation to a project, or a deal.

Via your quotation detail page

To convert your quotation, go to your quotation detail page and click on the arrow next to 'Convert to invoice'. Choose Convert to project:

You get redirected to the following screen in which you can select which lines you want to convert to a project:

  • By default all lines are selected, but you can uncheck the items by clicking the box next to them.
  • By default, all articles of your quotation will be tasks in the project, but you can bulk change them to materials here or click on the arrow next to the article.
    Note: if you selected a product from your product database in your account, or a custom price unit was selected, automatically it will be suggested to convert the article to a material in the project.

Next, you need to decide in the top right-hand corner if you want to convert the lines to a New project ('Create new project' - selected by default) or if you want to add the lines to an already existing project (by clicking the arrow > 'Add to existing project'):

Choosing the latter option is handy if you're already working on a project but need to add additional work. The new lines get added to the bottom of the work breakdown.

After conversion the following things happened to the quotation items in your project:

  • The subtitles of your quotation become ‘groups’ in the project 
  • The products of your quotation become tasks/materials (according to what you selected above)

Afterwards, you can find the linked project in the follow-up tab of your quotation page.

Via the deal page

To convert your deal, go to your deal page and next to 'Follow up on your deal', click on the plus icon > Project.

If you have multiple quotations in your deal, you'll first need to choose which quotation you want to create a project from. 

Afterwards, you'll find the linked project in the Projects tab of your deal.

What will happen if you convert a deal or a quotation into a project?

  • The project and the deal/quotation will be linked, which means the project will be displayed within the deal and the quotation, and the deal and quotation will be displayed within the project.
    Note: When converting a deal/quotation to an existing project, the deal and the quotation will (additionally) be added to the project info too.
  • The title of your quotation is filled in automatically as the title of your newly created project (but you can of course change this).
  • The customer of your quotation is filled in automatically as the customer of your newly created project, or in the case of an already existing project, added as additional customer to your project.
  • The ‘Price’ of your project is the total amount of the materials in your quotation (or at least the materials you selected). The unit prices will be taken over.
  • The billing method of the project, as well as the underlying groups, will be ‘Time and materials’ by default.
  • The 'Budget' of your project will be prefilled with the prices on the quotation. When changing the billing method to 'Fixed' price, the Price will be prefilled with the corresponding budget. This way, no prices from the quotation are lost.

Link deal to project afterwards

As stated above, your deal and your project will be linked when you've created a project out of your deal. However, there's a way to link your project to your deal if you first created your project and then your deal: 

  1. Simply navigate to the project
  2. Add the field ‘Deals’ to the header of your project if you haven’t already
  3. Click on +Deal 
  4. Select your deal