This article describes functionality of our new project module. This module is being rolled out gradually in the upcoming months, so it is possible you do not have access to the features described here yet. If that is the case, you can still find documentation on the previous project module here.

In Teamleader Focus, you can assign different roles within a project. Read more about the different rights in a project here.

Access rights to projects

First of all, make sure every user has access to the project module:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users > three dots next to a user > Edit
  2. Enable the slider next to "Projects"

Costs on a project

In the above menu, you’ll find that you can also disable access to the Margin widget on a project specifically by disabling the slider ‘Show costs on projects’:

If the slider is off, the user only sees ‘Budget spent’ and ‘Time tracked’ on the Project info page:

Roles within a project

After defining the access rights to the project module, you can decide which role a user should have within every project.

  1. Go to a project
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner
  3. Choose Manage preferences

    Note that this menu is only visible for admins and current owners of the project
  4. A new dialog opens in which you can define the project access rights:

    • Owners only (selected by default)
    • Owners and assignees
    • Everyone

  5. If you are a project owner, an admin or you have edit rights, you can perform the following actions:
    • Edit the fields in the project header
    • Edit the project title
    • Edit the project info fields
    • In the Invoices tab: click on the ‘Add Invoice’ button to invoice the project
    • Delete a project
    • Assign a colour code to the project

  6. For users without edit rights:
    • The fields in the header, the project title and the project info fields are ‘view only’
    • It’s not possible to add an invoice to the project
    • It’s not possible to delete a project or assign a colour code to it
    • Adding a time tracking however is still possible
    • Filtering on work type or assignees is still possible as well