In this day and age people like to be as efficient as possible and our goal is of course to let you and your customers work smarter. Get paid even faster by putting a SEPA QR code on your invoice. Read everything about it here.


Teamleader Focus supports SEPA QR codes meaning that this is a QR code you can put on your invoice. Customers can scan this QR code with their bank app to pay you even faster. An example:

The SEPA QR code:

  • Can be seen as a payment request in QR form, and can be scanned with (most) bank apps.
  • Is a European standard, currently mostly adopted in the Benelux, Germany, Austria and Finland.
  • Is completely free, there are no transaction costs.
  • Can be added to the invoice documents using a shortcode, which you can read about below

Providers that aren’t supported:

  • iDeal
  • Payconiq

The QR code will be generated with the (financial) information we got from you namely:

  • The company name you filled out in Settings > Company information > Company details
  • The bank account number you filled out in Settings > Company information > Payment information:
  • The amount incl. VAT that your customer has to pay
  • The structured communication of the invoice
  • The date of the invoice


To put a SEPA QR code on your invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Document Layout > Invoices
  2. Click on View shortcodes
  3. You can choose between the following shortcodes, depending on if you want to have a QR code with or without instructions:
  4. Copy the shortcode and paste it in the Word template of your invoice, e.g. $SEPA_QR_CODE$
  5. Save the Word document and upload your invoice template to Teamleader Focus
  6. Create an invoice, make sure it's booked
    Note: QR codes aren't shown on draft invoices.
  7. Depending on the shortcode you chose and where you placed it, the final document will look something like this:
  8. That’s it, now go and get paid!


  • The shortcode for the QR code can’t be placed in the header or the footer of your invoice template
  • Alternative bank accounts: if you use multiple bank accounts the bank account you select when creating the invoice with a QR code, will be the one on which you receive the payment
  • The SEPA QR code feature is not linked to any payment integrations (e.g. Mollie)
  • The QR code functionality is only available for invoices in Euro
  • QR codes won't show up for negative or zero invoices
  • If your bank or payment provider doesn't support the QR code functionality, you could make use of our Mollie integration and create QR codes that way. Read more about this in their documentation.