We’ve updated our Terms of Service and our Data Processing Agreement (DPA). The new terms take effect on 1 December, 2022. Read more about what’s changing and why. 

Why this update? 

For two main reasons actually:

  1. As of December 1, the extended free trial period for our brand new customer meeting add-on is coming to an end. As of then, customers who’ve tried the add-on and want to continue using the more extensive version of the add-on ("Beyond") will need to upgrade their license. In order to be able to offer this add-on, we also need to add the necessary provisions to our terms of service. Since we will process additional personal data on behalf of customers who use the add-on, we have also updated our data processing agreement (DPA).   
  2. We have been part of the Visma group since June 2022. It’s important that this is also reflected contractually. For this reason, from now on you will see the name 'Visma' pop up here and there in our terms of service and DPA. 

The new terms automatically come into effect on Thursday, December 1, 2022 and replace all previous versions of the terms of service and DPA. No action on your part is required. 

What specifically is changing? 

Aside from some cosmetic improvements, these are the main changes:

  • In the Terms of Service:
    • In the definitions, we added the term 'Customer Meeting Add-On' to specifically refer to the add-on in the terms of service - where necessary. We also added the term 'Teamleader Software' to be able to refer to the Teamleader Focus tool and the add-on jointly.
    • We clarified that the customer does not have a right of withdrawal regarding the add-on (see article 2.4).
    • We added a section dealing with the free trial period of the add-on (see article 3.2).
    • We clarified under the Upgrades & Downgrades section (see article 4.4) how to activate the paid version of the add-on, how to add additional users on the add-on and what that means for your license. Conversely, we also explain how to delete users on the add-on again and how to switch back to the free Basic version altogether. 
    • Under the "Personal Data & Privacy" section (see Article 11), we explained the distinction between our role as "data controller" and "data processor" even more comprehensibly.

  • In the DPA:
    • We have expanded the definition of 'Personal Customer Data' to clarify that certain personal data of the customer and its users are processed on behalf of the customer.
    • We added that engaging sub-processors that are part of the Visma group and located within the European Economic Area can be done without prior notice to the customer. After all, these parties all comply with the same strict security regulations.
    • Most importantly, the overview of personal data we process on behalf of the customer has been updated (see Overview I attached to the DPA). For example, with the offering of our Customer Meeting add-on, from now on we also keep recordings of video meetings. And since those can obviously contain personal data, we have to mention this as well. To be clear: we don't do anything with this data except keep it safe.

Want to go over everything in detail? You can find the Terms of Service and DPA in your user account by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner and going to the 'Legal Information' tab.