Are you on the Beyond package of the Customer Meeting add-on and you want to let more colleagues join in on the fun of online scheduling & meetings with your customers? Awesome! Read this article to learn how to buy additional Beyond users. 


This article tells you how to buy additional users, but to actually assign Customer Meeting rights to them, read this article.

  1. Go to your profile in the top right-hand corner and select Manage license.
  2. You'll see the details of your Teamleader Focus subscription. 
  3. In ‘Customer Meeting add-on’ click on Manage users > Add users.
  4. In the next screen, define how many additional add-on users you want to add.
    Note: You can't add more add-on users than the amount of users in your Teamleader Focus account. Want to buy more users? Read this article.
  5. The price will be calculated pro rata, meaning that you will only have to pay the remaining amount due until the next renewal of your subscription. When you select your number of users, the amount will be calculated.
  6. Click on Add Beyond user(s).
  7. You are good to go to assign Customer Meeting rights to this employee!



  • It’s not possible to have add-on only users, all add-on users have to be Teamleader Focus users as well.