The Customer Meeting add-on offers customizing options for meeting rooms and scheduling. To customize the layout of your emails, you will need to write custom HTML code that will be used as a template for all your emails. The Customer Meeting add-on provides a preview so you can check whether the layout shows well.

Which emails will have the custom layout?

The custom layout will show in the following emails:


  • Confirmation email

  • Reminder email

  • Cancellation email

Meeting rooms:

  • Meeting room invite email

How to add the HTML code in the customization settings?

Add the HTML code

We recommend writing the HTML code and then copy/paste it in the customization box.

To add it in the Customer Meeting add-on settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Customization

  2. Scroll down until you see 'Advanced branding'

  3. Paste the HTML code into the 'Custom email HTML template' box

  4. Click on 'Send me a preview mail' to see if the layout shows well. The mail will be sent to the email address of the logged-in user.

  5. Hit Save if the layout is ready

  6. Test the template with several e-mail clients (Google, Outlook, ..)


The HTML template must contain a body and the {content} tag. This tag will be replaced with the email content when an email is sent to your clients.

If the body or the {content} tag is not present, you won't be able to save the page and see an error message.

Important remarks

  • The HTML template is not validated by Teamleader Focus. Make sure to test the template by sending a preview email to yourself before saving the page.

  • When the preview looks good, we recommend testing it with several email clients as results might differ depending on the email client (e.g. you can book a test meeting with yourself).

Default layout vs custom layout

By default, all emails sent by the Customer Meeting add-on look similar. Below you can find an example of the confirmation mail that a host receives when a guest books a meeting:

Customizing the email template can give a very different result, for example: