Apart from the activity types defined by default in your Teamleader Focus account, you can customize your account further by creating your own activity types. Read more about it in this article.


The activity feeds in Teamleader Focus (e.g. at the bottom of a contact or company page) are by default organized & categorized per activity type. Think of notes, emails, phone conversations, meetings and so on. 

You can define additional types of activities which you can use when adding notes to the activities of any item in Teamleader Focus.


Add or manage your own custom activity types by following these steps.
Note that you need access to the Settings to define these activity types.

  1. Go to Settings > Customise > Activity tracking

  2. Click on the + to add your own activity types

The activity types you create are shown with a new activity type label:

You can also filter on this activity type:


  • There's a maximum of 25 different activity types you can create.
  • When downloading a company or contact report, you can download the activities. Note that it won't be possible to visualize the different types of activity in this report.