You can always follow up on the latest information regarding your contact or company in Teamleader Focus. Read this article to learn all about the ‘Activities’ on your contact/company page.


Basically, the ‘Activities’ on a contact or company page display a history of everything that happened for this contact/company. Some examples:

  • Notes that were added

    • You or your colleagues can easily add notes to a contact/company by clicking the + Add note button in Activities. Mention a colleague by adding the @-sign, choose if this message links to a deal or choose the type of message, e.g. a note.

  • Files that were added/edited

  • Emails sent/received

  • Deal activity, e.g.:

    • Probability changes

    • Deal phase changes

    • Quotations sent, viewed and accepted

  • Invoices activity

  • Time tracking added

  • Tasks, meetings or calls that were added/marked as done

  • Project activity

  • Ticket interaction


Imagine you have a lot of interaction for a certain company and you’re only looking for the invoice activity, then you can easily select this type of activity and exclude the others. 

  1. Click on the arrow next to ‘Show all’ and choose your type:

  2. Click the three dots next to a certain type of activity and choose Only show this type of activity:

Afterwards you can easily remove this filter by clicking on Disable filter.

Custom activity types

Apart from the activity types defined by default in your Teamleader Focus account, you can customize your account further by creating your own activity types. Read more about it in this article.