You can hide the unit cost of your products from your colleague(s) if you want to. Find more information in this article.


First of all, you need to have admin rights to be able to change the user rights of other users in the account.

Follow these steps to hide the unit cost for a certain user:

  1. Go to Settings > Users

  2. Click on the three dots next to the user

  3. Choose Edit

  4. Disable the slider ‘Unit cost visible’.

Disabling this slider alone will not suffice. In order to be able to hide the unit cost, you’ll also need to disable the slider next to:

Now, the user won’t be able to see the unit cost of a product when navigating to products. Keep in mind that the field ‘Main supplier’ also won’t be visible. So these fields won't be visible anymore:

Find more information on using a unit cost on orders here.