In this article, we'll give you an overview of the more common errors you can encounter in the integration between Yuki and Teamleader Focus:

There are X documents which have unspecified ledger accounts

There are two ways to resolve the unspecified ledger accounts error:

  • Click on the error message about unknown accounts; at the bottom you will see links to invoices / credit notes. 
    • Open the invoice links one by one
    • Enter a ledger account where you see 'No accounts' by editing the invoice (clicking on the pencil next to 'Content')
    • Save.
  • If your ledger accounts are related to your VAT rates, you can do this in bulk via Settings > Invoices> Ledger accounts> Auto-suggest accounts at certain VAT-tariffs.

The domain is not licensed for this functionality

Cause: You don't have the module 'Yuki Factuur' in Yuki, while this is necessary for the integration with Teamleader Focus.

Solution: Contact your accountant or Yuki, so they can activate this module in Yuki for you.

Cannot book this transaction line because the GLAccount is disabled

Cause: The ledger account specified in the error message is disabled in Yuki.

Solution: Enable this ledger account in Yuki (by going to MAR > search for the ledger account > check the checkbox) or select a different ledger account on the invoice in Teamleader Focus.

An error occurred during the synchronisation of invoice X: Could not create or modify transactions before dd-mm-yyyy for administration x

Cause: This means that period was already closed in Yuki

Solution: Reopen this period in Yuki

Sales tax code with percentage "xx" and type "xx" cannot be found


  1. A (custom) VAT rate used on one of your invoices, isn't matched to a corresponding VAT rate in Yuki.
  2. There is no VAT rate of that percentage within that specific VAT type in Yuki.
  3. The customer linked to the invoice is located in a country that doesn't correspond to the country's VAT rate (specifically for Yuki VAT type '40' - OSS)
  4. The start date of the tax rate validity in Yuki is a later date than the invoice date.


  1. Go to the settings of your Yuki integration, choose "Link VAT rates to Yuki" and make sure all VAT rates are matched.
  2. Verify the settings of that specific VAT rate in Yuki to see if the percentage corresponds to the one in Teamleader Focus.
  3. Change the country of the customer linked to the invoice to the correct one.
  4. Change the start date of the tax rate validity in Yuki to match the date(s) of the to be synced invoice(s) in Teamleader Focus.

Daily limit exceeded

Cause: Yuki only permits a certain amount of calls per day. You can see the amount of calls per day in Yuki under Home > Domain > Settings > Webservices > Webservice amount of calls per day.

Solution: Contact Yuki to increase the amount of calls per day.

The VAT number of the relation must be filled in for sales invoices with deliveries to countries within the EU


  1. The VAT number provided for the contact/company is not valid
  2. The VAT number is not filled in for invoices within the EU with sales inside EU 


  1. Edit the contact/company in Teamleader Focus and fill in the correct VAT number (in the correct format) and sync again.
  2. If the contact/company doesn't have a VAT number, change the VAT type of the articles in Teamleader Focus, because sales inside EU (services) always need a valid VAT number

Failed to create credit note/invoice xxxx / x: "HTML render is blank"

Cause: The country of the customer of the invoice is ‘Unknown'

Solution: Fill in the country of the customer and sync again.

The invoices X and Y have the same booking number

This error can have multiple causes:

  • Teamleader Focus is not able to store booking numbers with letters or special characters (f.e.: "F" or "-" or "/").

    The invoices will be pushed to Yuki, but will be pushed again next synchronisation, because the booking number is missing in Teamleader Focus.

  • Multiple company entities have the same book year and invoice structure

  • An invoice/credit note with this number was created manually in Yuki

If you get this error, please reach out to our support team to find the cause and corresponding solution.