We’ve got your back. In addition to our free resources you have the option to get personalised assistance from one of our onboarding managers. If you’d like to arrange one or more personalised sessions, let us know or go to your license page by clicking on your image in the top right-hand corner of your account and choosing 'Manage License' > 'Assistance'.

You have multiple options:

A full Do It With Help trajectory

This includes:

- 5 one-hour online sessions (MOVE & BOOST), 3 sessions for GO accounts.

- Personal coaching by an onboarding manager

- A step-by-step plan based on your needs and workflows

- Access to an onboarding platform with extra information and videos

Price: One-time fee of 500 euro excl. VAT for MOVE or BOOST accounts, 300 for GO accounts.

External partner

If you prefer help on site instead of online, we have external partners who can come down to your business and set-up the account for you. You can contact us and we'll send you the contact details for partners near you.

Price: One-time fee of 1000 euros excl. VAT

A One-hour session which can be used in one of two ways

  1. As a workflow session

An onboarding manager will assist you in optimising your account during a one-hour session. We will answer your questions and give you tips & tricks.

  1. For imports or the creation of your documents

Don't have time to take care of data imports or the creation of document templates for quotations, invoices, ...? An onboarding manager will create these documents for you according to your needs and upload them into Teamleader Focus.

Price: One-time fee of 125 euro excl. VAT.