As a team, we're always trying to improve our product and who better to give us feedback than the people who are using Teamleader Focus on a daily basis? By giving us feedback, you really help us grow and improve ourselves. That's why we really appreciate the valuable feedback of our customers.

Do you have any feedback about our functionalities or would you like to have another functionality in Teamleader Focus? Keep reading this article to find out more about the process of giving feedback.

How to give feedback?

To give feedback, simply reach out to our support team and give as much info as you can. 

We'll make a distinction for your types of feedback: some things will be logged as feature requests and some as bugs. 

Feature requests

Feature requests are functionalities that are not in Teamleader Focus yet but that could be developed in the future. For example : being able to use a segment created in the company module on invoicing level. This is something that isn't possible right now but that might be developed in the future. Furthermore, a feature request could also be an improvement of a functionality that is already present in Teamleader Focus.

As our customer base continues to grow and we consequently receive many feature requests, our development team can't develop every feature request. When a customer sends us a feature request, this is what happens: 

  • The support team will bring your request to the attention of the product team
  • Other customers that might also find it useful will be linked to your request
  • Once there is an update, you will be the first to hear about it.

Based on all the requests, our product managers will decide which requests will be developed. This is based on: 

  • The amount of users asking for the same feature request
  • The priorities of the development team
  • The direction in which we want to evolve as a software tool


Bugs are functionalities that once were present in Teamleader Focus but that stopped working. Imagine for example that you suddenly can't add a company to your Teamleader Focus account anymore. This will be considered as a bug and will be treated with priority, which means that our development team will try to analyze it as soon as possible. 

Based on this distinction, it's clear that our development will fix bugs faster than developing a feature request given the fact that a bug might block your daily work process.

Which info do we need?

The more info we have, the better we can help you. There might be a workaround that can help you when your feature request isn't developed or while our development team is still analyzing a bug.

When sending in a feature request please mention the following things: 

  • In which module would you like to see this feature?
  • What do you want exactly? What is the end-goal of this feature?
  • How are you doing it now? Do you use an external tool, Excel, etc?
  • What should it look like?
  • Why would this help your company work smarter?

When reporting a bug please mention the following elements:

  • In which module is the bug present?
  • What happens exactly?
  • When did you start noticing it?
  • How can we reproduce? Mention all the steps or send us a recording, so we can try to reproduce
  • Which browser did you use, which version?
  • When using the mobile app: what kind of device are you using? Which version of our app? Which version of Android/iOS?

Note: When an entire module is down, this will be mentioned on our status page, where we will also give you updates.