Whenever you check the list view of a specific section in Teamleader Focus (task overview, contacts, companies, invoices etc.), you will see the default columns that we provided for you. Depending on your workflow and type of business, you might want to change this default list view. You can do so by simply following these steps.

In this example we will change the columns of the company list view:

  1. Go to 'Companies'
  2. In the bottom right-hand corner, click on the little cogwheel

  3. On the left you will find the available columns, on the right you will find the columns that are already in your overview.

    To add a column to your overview, select the column on the left and click on the arrow that is pointing to the right or just double click on the name of the column. It will then end up in the selected columns list.

    To remove a column from your selected columns list, select the column and click on the arrow pointing to the left or just double click on the name of the column.

    To change the order of your columns, use the two arrows on the right next to the selected columns overview.

    Do you want to add or remove several columns all at once? Then just select the columns you want to add or remove and click on the arrow pointing to the left/right.

  4. Click on Save. You will now see your own personalized list view.


  • Once you've changed your list view, this will become your new default view so you do not have to change it every time you log in.
  • The list view you define will only be visible to you as it is a setting on user level. If you have other colleagues who need the same view, they will also have to change their columns.
  • If you created custom fields, you can also add them to your list view. You will be able to select them in the available columns list (see step 3). Do note that you cannot add a custom field of the type 'multiline text' to your list overview.
  • The list views are limited to 10 columns max. so it's important to choose your columns wisely. 
  • If you notice that there is some overlap between columns, try to change the order.

Number of rows in the list views

It's not only possible to add or remove columns, you can also select the number of rows in the list view. You can do this by clicking on 10-20-50 (according to the amount of rows that you'd like to see) next to the cogwheel in the bottom left corner:

Teamleader Focus will remember this setting during your entire browser session.