In this article we'll give you more information about how you can update your CRM with TrendsTop data. It can for example be interesting to have access to the financial data of your lead, which allows you to start deals more securely.

Note: As TrendsTop is a Belgian tool, only Belgian Teamleader Focus customers can use this integration.

Adding TrendsTop data

In Teamleader Focus there are two ways to update your CRM with TrendsTop data:

  1. You can do this by integrating your TrendsTop account to your Teamleader Focus account. Read more about it here
  2. You can do this by using your credits from your Teamleader Focus wallet

Integrating your TrendsTop account to Teamleader Focus

When integrating your TrendsTop account to your Teamleader Focus account, you can add the TrendsTop data to a company by clicking on the Trends Top button. You can find more info about this button in the next paragraph.

When you have a TrendsTop subscription (Marketing or Business) you'll be able to add data for 1000 companies for free. If you want to add more TrendsTop data, you'll have to use your Teamleader Focus credits. When using a TrendsTop subscription, you'll also have access to the financial data of your customers via TrendsTop.

Using your credits from your Teamleader Focus Wallet

If you want to add TrendsTop data by using the credits from your Teamleader Focus wallet (when you don't have a TrendsTop account or you've exceeded the data limit), just add a company and fill in the VAT number. You'll then have the possibility to add the TrendsTop data by clicking on the corresponding button: 

A pop up will appear which will show you if a match has been found and which info will be added: 

To continue, click on Buy now

If you already added other company information and it doesn't correspond to the info in TrendsTop, you'll be able to select the info that you want to keep in your CRM. A green check mark will appear next to the selected info: 

If you then click on Buy now (which will cost €0,24 when using your credits), the TrendsTop data will be added:

You'll see the financial data from the past 2 years and the related contacts will also be added. 

Furthermore, you can export this kind of information by clicking on Export on the companies overview > Select > Create new template

Apart from the company data, you can also buy the contact data for €0.25 per contact. After buying this, the name of the contact and his function will be shown. A new contact person linked to that company will be created. 

You can also click on Ignore. If you do this the related contact will be removed from the overview of the related contacts. 


  • Did you already add TrendsTop data but do you want to update it? Just click on the year to update the data :
  • The data that got synchronized to Teamleader Focus via TrendsTop won't get automatically updated in Teamleader Focus when something changes in Trendstop. In that case, you'll have to fetch the data again.

Deleting TrendsTop data

If you want to delete the TrendsTop data, just click on the three dots next to 'Company information' and remove the VAT number. However, this action won't remove the related contact data.

Who can purchase TrendsTop data?

Only users for whom the slider 'TrendsTop' is activated will have the option to buy TrendsTop data. You can (de)activate this slider via Settings > Users > three dots next to the name of the user > Edit:

Important to keep in mind: every user with access to companies will have access to all TrendsTop data that has been added.