Depending on your type of business, you might want to invoice your travel distance to your customer. In this article you will find out how to set your cost per kilometer and how to invoice these kilometers to your customer.

Make sure you enable travel distance in your account to be able to use the cost per km. Read this article for more information. 

Set your cost per kilometer

The cost per kilometer can only be calculated when a specific feature is activated in your account. Contact our support team to make this option available for your account. Once the feature has been activated, you can set the cost per kilometer by going to Settings > Time Tracking > Change cost per kilometer.

Where can you use the cost per kilometer?

You can use the cost per kilometer on two different levels in Teamleader Focus; via meetings and via work orders.


  1. Create a meeting, add your departure address and your meeting address
  2. When your meeting is done, make sure you finish it by clicking on Mark as done
  3. Now you can add a time tracking for your meeting. Make sure the slider ‘Billable’ is enabled.

    Underneath ‘Duration’ you will also find the traveled distance. If necessary you can change the amount of kilometers or recalculate it in Google Maps by clicking on Calculate…

  4. Now you have two options to invoice the distance:
    • Go to the customer page > Unbilled time spent > Actions > Create invoice.
      On the invoice page, you will find the travel cost as ‘Mileage allowance’.
    • Go to Invoices > Invoice unbilled time > search for the customer, activate the slider next to 'Unbilled time' and click on preview in the bottom right-hand corner > Activate the slider next to 'Confirm action' > Do now > Click on the draft invoice. On the invoice page, you will find the travel cost as 'Mileage allowance'.

Work orders

  1. When you create a work order, you can also add your travel distance.

    To find out more about work orders, read this article. After you’ve saved the work order you’ll be able to locate it in the web version of Teamleader Focus under Work orders.
  2. You'll also find the work order on your customer's detail page. The hours spent will be listed under ‘Unbilled time spent’.

  3. Go to Actions > Create invoice. On the invoice page, you will find all the elements you added to the work order, travel cost (mileage allowance) included:

  4. It might be that you created the work order linked to a project and that you want to invoice the work order, travel distance included, from your project and not as separate time tracking. In this article you will find how to invoice a work order from a project.