Although more and more people are organizing online meetings, a lot of companies still visit their leads and customers on site as well. In those cases it might be useful to see your travel distance based on your departure address and the arrival address to know how long you will be on the road. 

This article explains you how to:

Enable travel distance in Teamleader Focus

By enabling the travel distance setting, Teamleader Focus calculates the distance (in km) to the meeting address automatically. Go to Settings > Calendar > Preferences > Show distances to meetings. 

Note that this is a setting on account level and not on user level. If the option to show distances to meetings is enabled in the settings then it will be enabled for every user.

Read this article if you want to know more about invoicing your travel distance and setting a cost per kilometer.

Edit your departure address

The default departure address that will be used in Teamleader Focus is the address you added to your company information (Settings > Company information > Company entities > Pencil > Company address). You also have the option to set another departure address. This might be useful when your employees are always on the road and leave from a different location. Setting the departure address of a meeting is a personal setting and not an account setting. This means that every Teamleader Focus user needs to go through the settings above individually to set his or her own departure address. 

Before you can edit the departure address of a meeting you'll need to enable the travel distance setting (as mentioned above) . 

Note: This only applies to your first meeting of the day. The departure address of your second meeting of the day, will automatically be the meeting address of your first meeting because you go from one meeting to the next.

Add a meeting in Teamleader Focus using the distance feature

Have you enabled the travel distance setting and, if necessary, added some different departure addresses? Great! Now follow these steps so your travel distance will be calculated automatically in Teamleader Focus based on your departure address and the meeting address:

  1. Add a meeting in Teamleader Focus
  2. Choose your meeting location
    There are different locations you can choose from to add the meeting addresses. To find out more about these locations, read this article.
  3. Save the meeting
  4. When you look at the meeting details on top, you will see the distance to your meeting has been calculated. If you click on the pencil next to travel distance, you can change the departure address if needed.

    Note: You'll only see the distance when you're a participant of the meeting. You won't see the distance of your colleagues' meetings.

  5. Now go to your Teamleader Focus calendar to the day of the meeting. You will see that Teamleader Focus added the distance to your meeting. On top of that, Teamleader Focus also gives you an estimated travel time. If your meeting starts at 9 am and your travel time is 1 hour, your meeting will be planned starting from 8 am.

    Note: the distance won't be shown in the calendar if it takes less than 45 minutes to reach the location.

Show your daily route from one meeting to another

If you are often on the road, it might be useful to know where you need to go next and what road you need to take. When you select the day view in your Teamleader Focus calendar, you'll also have the option to display the route between different meetings. To do so, simply click "Show route" in the left-hand corner. This allows you to always stay on top of things without ever forgetting a meeting.

Visualize your customer addresses in Google Maps

Importing your Teamleader Focus customers to Google Maps provides you an overview of all your customers, which allows you to easily plan your route from one meeting to another. The personalized map in Google Maps also allows you to check your customer proximity. Let’s say you visit a customer in Ghent. On your map you will also see which customers are located nearby so you can pay them a visit as well. That way you can get the most out of your day. Read this article to find out more about it.