The forecast page of your deals in Teamleader Focus helps you follow up on your sales opportunities even more quickly and efficiently than before. In one overview you’ll get an idea of your expected revenue in the upcoming twelve months. At a glance you can also find deals without a close date and easily drag them to the month in which you expect the deals to close. Discover all about the deal forecast here!


What is it?

First of all, you can find the deal forecast by navigating to Deals > Forecast. Based on the current open deals, you can find an overview of your expected revenue 12 months ahead.

Each month shows you a calculation of the total expected revenue. How this is calculated exactly will be explained later in this article. Below 'Total expected revenue', next to ‘Open’, you can find the amount of deals with a close date currently in that month. Moreover, you’ll find the total amount you could win if all deals are closed. 


The deal forecast calculations (‘Total expected revenue’) rely of course on the amount of the deal, but also on both the close date and the probability of your deal (if you choose for a 'Weighted' calculation cf. below). To fill out or change these last two fields, follow these steps and finetune your deals immediately:

  • Navigate to your deal forecast

  • Click on a deal

  • Click on Edit

You can also change the amount of a deal by clicking on View detail.

This leads you back to the deal overview page, where you can click the pencil next to the deal to change the amount.


By default, the deal forecast will be calculated based on absolute values, meaning looking at the deal amounts only. You can change the calculation to Weighted however: this is the deal amount x probability of the deal.

Date passed/missing

On the left hand side of your deal forecast, you can find deals with the 'Date passed/missing'. These are deals that are still open, but:

  • either have an expected close date earlier than this month;

  • or have no expected close date filled out.

These deals can help you make a more accurate forecast if they have a (future) close date. The close date of these deals can easily be adjusted by:

  • Dragging and dropping the deal from the left column to one of the other columns next to it. The deal automatically gets assigned a close date that corresponds to the final day of the month you dropped the deal in;

  • Filling out the close date by clicking on the deal in the deal forecast and editing it.

We point these deals out to you based on:

  • Expected close dates in the past, meaning that these deals require action now that the close date has passed

  • Absolute amount or the weighted amount (amount excl. VAT * probability) of the deals. The most important deals are at the top of the column

When you’ve optimised your forecast, it’s time to focus on how the revenue is actually calculated.

Forecast in detail

The deal forecast focuses on how many deals you can close this current month, or in one of the upcoming months. 

  • For each month, you’ll see the following details on the deals expected to close:

    • Customer

    • Deal title

    • Assignee

    • Deal amount
      Note: When you have multiple quotations per dealWhen displaying the deal amount, the average of the amounts in the open quotations will be taken into account.

    • Probability rate

    • Close date

  • Deals per month are sorted on the absolute amount or the weighted amount (amount excl. VAT * probability of the deal). This means that the most important deals are on top, in a descending view. 

  • You can drag & drop deals inside a specific month to update the expected closing date. The deal automatically gets assigned a close date that corresponds to the final day of the month you dropped the deal in

  • You can click on deals and edit the expected closing date / deal probability

Total expected revenue

Each month you’ll see at a glance the revenue you can expect to win in that period:

The ‘Total expected revenue’ is calculated like this:

    • For the current month: Sum of the total amount of the deals already won this month and the total amount or the total weighted amount (amount excl. VAT * probability) of all open deals 

      • In this month, you'll find more information on the calculation when hovering over the question mark:

      • The calculation will only be shown this month, and not in the next months. This is because you can’t have any won deals ‘in the future’.
        For example: say it’s February and you’d now close a deal that had an expected close date in March, then the won deal amount will be included in February’s statistics and not in those of March.

    • For the next months: Sum of all open deals based on the absolute or weighted amount

User filter

You’re also able to seamlessly filter based on deal assignee. You can find this filter in the top right-hand corner of your deal forecast.

This makes it possible to see for example:

    • The full company forecast for this month and the upcoming months (= no filter)

    • Your personal forecast (= click on your own name to filter on your deals)

    • The forecast of one of your colleagues (= click on one of their names to filter on their deals)

Pipeline filter

Next to the user filter, you'll find a deal pipeline filter. Display all your deals, or filter your deals by deal pipeline (multi-select filter).

Important notes

  • In the deal forecast, there is no difference between one-time and recurring items on your quotation

  • The numbers in your deal forecast are updated instantly:

    • every time you drag & drop a deal from one column to another

    • every time you edit something in the side panel (close date or probability)