Once you've mastered Teamleader Focus, it's crucial to get the rest of the team on board. Only then you will get the most out of the tool.

Tips and tricks 

Avoid ambiguities

Digitalisation brings about change and questions. It is important to communicate the purpose and added value of digitalisation to your team. Organize a team meeting, make sure that the questions of your team are resolved and that all ambiguities are removed.

Make it easy on your team and yourself

During your daily tasks you don't want to be teaching all the time and your team doesn't want to feel like a student all the time. Make your team aware of the resources Teamleader Focus has. We advise you to use our support centre full of interesting articles and instructive videos, and to use the support channel (here you can ask short questions).


Give your team a demonstration

The power of Teamleader Focus is only really evident when the total picture is known to the user. Identify the most important Teamleader Focus workflows for your organization and demonstrate this to your team.

Do a regular check

Within Teamleader Focus we strive for continuous improvement of our product. This brings about change. Therefore, please check regularly whether there are any open questions in your team regarding Teamleader Focus.

Our team is there for your team

The Teamleader Focus team is always there for you and your team. Are there any questions you or your team can't answer? Don't hesitate to contact our support or customer success department. 

That's all, now the whole team can work smarter through Teamleader Focus. Can you use some more explanation? Then be sure to check out our Getting Started articles.