From September 14th, 2019 onwards there’s a new EU regulation concerning online payments with your credit card. It goes by the name of Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). 

This law entails protection against fraud for you as a customer and enables you to pay even safer online. Teamleader Focus also made the necessary changes to its software to ensure that protection. Read more about it here!

  1. SCA or Strong Customer Authentication

  2. What it looks like in Teamleader Focus

  3. What if my payment keeps failing?

  4. Exemption rules

  5. Invoicecloud

SCA or Strong Customer Authentication

Important to know is that SCA only applies to credit card payments, SEPA direct debit payments are not affected. 

A consequence of the PSD2 regulation is that when you make an online payment there is an extra authentication needed to prove it’s really you using the credit card. This could be in the form of a password, a PIN code, a fingerprint, an app on your phone,... It’s your bank that decides which form of extra authentication is needed exactly. This step is known as SCA or Strong Customer Authentication. If the extra form of authentication fails then the payment will be declined.

SCA won’t happen every time, it’s actually your bank deciding when this happens. So for some customers this could only happen for switching to a higher package while for others this could also occur when adding extra users to your Teamleader Focus subscription. 

What it looks like in Teamleader Focus

If you want to make an online payment in Teamleader Focus you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to Manage licence in the top right-hand corner in Teamleader Focus.

  2. Say you want to add 2 extra users to your Teamleader Focus account for example, then you go to Add to plan and proceed with your payment by clicking on Pay & Add to subscription 

  3. Now there’s a check on whether or not extra authentication is needed. If so, you’ll need to verify it’s you by completing that extra step. 

  4. Afterwards the card can be charged and the payment can be completed.

What if my payment keeps failing? 

If the extra authentication fails then the payment gets declined. You can try it again or use a different credit card or another payment method like SEPA. In the meantime we advise you to contact your bank.

Exemption rules

If you already made payments to us, in most cases you are exempt and will not have to provide additional confirmation. It’s however always possible (depending on your bank) that an extra authentication is needed.


If you also use the Teamleader Focus invoicing module to send invoices to your customers, it’s important to know this new regulation affects you too; your customer will need to provide extra authentication too. The necessary updates have already been implemented in our Invoicecloud